Prince Philip's Century

Author: Robert Jobson
Format: Softback

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For decades Prince Philip has shared the Queen's burden of office without upstaging her, always privately providing reassurance and advice but never overstepping the boundaries of his supporting role. It is an unforgiving position - a challenge for anyone - but one that he has met head on. He remains the Queen's adviser and is recognised as such the world over. That said, he is wise enough to recognise his limitations and the constraints of his role. He always seems to instinctively know when it is time to step back and let his wife take the lead. His job is, after all, to allow her star to shine.

Robert Jobson's magnificent new biography of the Duke of Edinburgh tells the full story of his remarkable life and achievements, and how, after his marriage in 1947 to Princess Elizabeth, this dedicated military man spent so much of his life supporting his wife. But he was to create a role for himself as a determined moderniser and environmental campaigner, and through the Duke of Edinburgh Awards, encouraging young people to reach their potential. Though perhaps his greatest achievements have been as a loyal husband and companion, and as a loving father and grandfather.

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