One Man's Passion For Carp

Author: John Wilson
Format: Hardback

ISBN: 9780992606206
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This is a story about one of carp fishing's greatest unsung heroes, Norman Symonds, who through his business acumen purposely acquired lakes and big fish with the intention of starting a fish farm to produce quality carp for his anglers.

As his interest in carp and their culture grew, Norman brought his son, Martin, into the business. This is a true and frank account of how a timber merchant came to be one of the largest providers of big fish for leisure angling in the country, almost by accident. He opened up a whole new concept for anglers wishing to catch beautiful big fish, not from private lakes but day ticket and syndicate fisheries open to all. Small wonder that today there are more magazines, more books, baits, tackle and sundries available to those who seek carp than any other freshwater species.

In 50 years, starting with Dick Walker catching a 44lb (then) monster carp from Redmire pool at a time when roach were Britain¹s most common and popular species, the freshwater scene has completely turned around, with carp now by far the most common and popular species. My good friend, Norman Symonds, has been responsible, perhaps more than anyone else, for making that happen. John Wilson MBE

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