Subsurface - Volume 3

Author: Gareth Fareham
Format: Softback

ISBN: 9780993170478
excluding shipping

Our biggest, and most complete work yet, 436 pages, as diverse as ever, from the heart of the Colne Valley, to the wilds of Sweden, to the raw concrete canals of Belgium, to the mountains of Alps, and back to Yorkshire.. Still printed on the finest sustainably sourced paper stocks money can buy, still not an advert or a product plug in sight, still completely independent, and still printed with blood sweat and tears.

Gareth Fareham - James Turner - Simon Hartop - David Meek - Derek Harrison - Mike Brown - Marcus Howarth - Jon Skold - Dave Ellyatt - Tom Betts Causebrook - Dan Kilgour - Luc De Baets - Scott Karabowicz - Matt Townend - Scott Sweetman - Rupert Torp - Matt Petit - Steve Metcalfe - Alex Kobler - Charles Wilson - Liam Richards - Mark Palmer - Jamie Smith - Rich Stewart - Jorn Serre - Oz Holness - Mark Jones - Bob Grozier - John Gard - Jake Davoile - Tony Moore - Alex Grice - Chris Price - Aaron Phillips - Jorge Fernandez - Andreas Tatzreiter - Aaron Crossman - Charlie Walker - Michiel Pilaar - Mark Hofman - Gilles Lambert - Luke Oakley - Oscar Cryan - Paul Bacon - and a host more.

'We believe this is the media of communication that will stand the test of time, not the throwaway digital hum of information, and we say that with no sense of tired nostalgia, and no wish to cling to the past – just the certain knowledge that the things that will stick with you, and remain in your consciousness won’t be the things you skip past on a three-inch square screen every day. That much we know for sure'.

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