Memories & Reflections

Author: Bob Church
Format: Hardback

ISBN: 9780993170416
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Bob Church is a renowned match fly-fisherman and was voted Trout Fisher of the Millennium by the readership of ‘Trout Fisherman’ magazine. His achievements have been remarkable and many of them are recounted within the pages of this latest book, ‘Memories & Reflections’. He has covered both game and coarse fly-fishing and there are chapters on zander and pike, as well as salmon and trout. Bob has tried to guide the reader toward their own success, with tips on technique and there are even examples of how to tie a fly to entice a fine trout, including the materials required, so you can have a go for yourself.

Bob has fished all over the world and he tells us of his adventures in Scandanavia, New Zealand, Canada and more. Closer to home, his favourite waters are Grafham and Rutland, so there are stories of days spent here with close friends, too.

Memories & Reflections, is an entertaining read to those interested in fly-fishing.

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