Off The Hook - Signed by the Author!

Author: Rosie Barham
Format: Softback

ISBN: 9780956701558
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This book is a sequel to the successful 'The Fishing Widows Guide' (a second edition coming soon) and contains reflections of how life was as a fishing widow/mum, and how it is now. There are tales of the unexpected, alongside the more mundane daily tasks necessary to keep a fishing household ticking along nicely.

"Off the Hook" is mostly about seeing the funny side of life from a fishing widow's point of view and the format follows that of an almanac so that there are anecdotes for every month of the year. It is hoped that fishing widows everywhere will gain comfort from the fact that they are not alone in trying to understand the sometimes bizarre behaviour of their loved ones. Anglers also may find some insight into their own actions, since most of them seem to be blissfully unaware that their mindset is in any way unusual.