Fishing Tackle: The Ultimate Collector's Guide

Author: Graham Turner
Format: Hardback

ISBN: 9780956093516
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Graham Turner has completely rewritten his work published in 1989 and expanded on the history of fishing tackle across two centuries.

With over 700 pages and more than 1500 illustrations this is the largest and most comprehensive work ever produced for fishing tackle collectors. Fourteen chapters contain historical records of makers and models, many of which have never before appeared in print. The collector's guide covers new models by Hardy Bros, Allcock's, Farlow's and the pioneer London makers.

Other chapters include artificial baits, covering lures of leading makers across a period of two centuries. The history of American tackle traces the chronological development by the country's own makers who started business early in the 19th century.

Fishing Tackle: The Ultimate Collector's Guide is set to take over the mantle of being the collector's bible and serve as the definitive guide in the 21st Century.


'Over the years several books have been quoted as 'the angler's bible'. Well, this work, Fishing Tackle: The Ultimate Collector's Guide, is more than a bible. The similarity to The Old Testament cannot be ignored because the Genesis of our living and evolving sport is there. Likewise, the Disciples of fishing tackle - the great makers - have their stories told, as in the New Testament. It's really the Revelations that are the seal of this magnificent work of art. Reading it - and constantly referring to it, as I do - makes me proud to be an angler, carrying the fruits of our forefathers every time I walk the riverbank. I will never tire of reading, or even looking at, this wonderful book.'

Keith Arthur


'Just like the items of tackle described within its pages this book is a classic and a work of art. Therefore, the 'ultimate' tag is justified and, in fact, it goes far beyond this delivering the collector’s bible.'

Martin Bowler


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