Colin Hebb's Fishing Experience

Author: Colin Hebb
Format: Hardback

ISBN: 9780993170461
excluding shipping

This is Colin Hebb’s first book. Colin started to watch John Wilson’s TV series, ‘Go Fishing’ when he was very young and that caught his imagination because of all the countries that John visited, and the different species he caught.

Within these pages, Colin relates some of his angling adventures, ranging from the pike and chub on canals close to home, barbel fishing in the Trent, sea trout in the River Hull, and carp in local lakes, to his expeditions to Spain fishing on the River Segre for big wels catfish, and then to Lake Nasser in Egypt for Nile perch and tiger fish. Rigs and bait are also revealed, and the book is beautifully illustrated by Dave Higginbottom.

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