The Rising Antenna - Limited Cloth Edition

Author: Jim Baxter
Format: Hardback - Cloth Edition

ISBN: 9780995563018
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Float fishing with a waggler has fascinated Jim Baxter for over 40 years and is the central theme of this book. Jim and his contributors from the world of match angling explain how to get the best out of the method on river or lake.

The book's contributors include: John Allerton, Dave Ashmore, Pete Clements, John Dean, Dave Frost, Matt Godfrey, Brian Halliwell, Keith Hobson, Jim Macdonald, Warren Martin, Terry Moroz, Roly Moses, Darren Moyle, Terry Payne, Denis Pinkos, Andy Sellars, Chris Simmons, Dave Thomas, Roger Wakenshaw, Denis White, Mark Wintle, John Essex, Tony Scott, Joe Brennan and Ken Giles, Dave Pilgrim. This group includes several former England Internationals.