The Great Train Robbery: 50th Anniversary Special

The book is the work of Bruce Reynolds, the crime’s mastermind; Ronnie Biggs, its most famous participant; Nick Reynolds, the son of Bruce, and a man who personally knows both the robbers and the police involved in the Great Train Robbery; and Chris Pickard, the recognised expert on the robbery who helped Biggs write his autobiography, Odd Man Out: The Last Straw.

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ISBN: 978957255975
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For the first time in 50 years the full and complete story of the Great Train Robbery explained first hand by Bruce Reynolds, the mastermind of the crime, and by Ronnie Biggs, the most famous of the robbers, and the man who was the most privileged spectator to the entire robbery. This is the story from the people who know what happened, because they were there and they were involved. And from both sides of the law.

The book, and 100% official special edition produced fro the 50th anniversary of the crime, also looks at the secrets and lies that surround Britain’s most famous and culturally iconic robbery, including the planning and what has happened in the years that have passed since 8 August 1963. You will discover that the myths and legends of the Great Train Robbery range from the strange and disturbing, to the downright bizarre.

You will read shocking new revelations about the crime, of foul play, and about those implicated in it. Facts that will make you question what you thought you knew about the robbery, and the people caught up in it.

The Great Train Robbery is the story that refuses to die, and one that fifty years on still fascinates and entertains a nation. Here is the full story.

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