Living the Dream - Limited Leather Edition

Author: Nigel Sharp
Format: Leather Bound

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ISBN: 9780956701503
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Nigel Sharp is regarded by those in the know, as one of the finest carp anglers of all time. This opinion has been formed for many reasons, not least because Nigel has caught every carp he's set out to capture, and because he's done so through his unique combination of talent, knowledge, and sheer hard graft. Within the pages of Living The Dream, you'll meet the Nigel Sharp known only to his closest friends and family. You'll be amazed at his dedication and envious of where it takes him, as his tally of impressive carp builds, chapter by chapter. These carp aren't selected because they're big, but because they represent something special. Here is an angler who not only loves what he does, he lives it, too, and this book reveals in full the incredible carping life of Nigel Sharp. It's all the proof you need that dreams really can come true.