In Pursuit of the Largest DVD

Author: Terry Hearn & Nigel Sharp
Format: DVD

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In Pursuit of the Largest, 'the DVD', a collection of carp fishing clips filmed between 1996 and 2009.

Far from being Hollywood, much of the footage is amateur, home-video style, taken from several different cameras over a long period of time. It’s quite often shot hands-free, and sometimes not in the greatest conditions for filming, but then this is what makes it so real.

Look through the shakes and occasional glitches to marvel at some of the fish that helped make big carp fishing what it is today. Stick the kettle on and reminisce, watching old history fish like the Yateley North Lake’s Bazil, and the Car Park Lake’s Heather The Leather; two of the most famous carp to have ever swum in our waters.

Also included are tales and footage from Oxfordshire's Big S, the Test Valley's Nutsey, The Big Pit, The Lea Valleys Relief Channel, Sonning Eye, Linch Hill's Christchurch, Longfield's Road Lake, and of course, the mighty Burghfield, near Reading, home to one of the most prized and elusive commons in the country. All that and more; well over three hours of precious archive footage for the price of a round of drinks...that's got to be good value.

It won't teach you how to spod out pellet or shrink down tubing, but if you've ever been bitten by the big carp bug, then you simply can't fail to enjoy watching this DVD.

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