How's Your Luck?

Author: Micky Gray
Format: Hardback

ISBN: 9780993170423
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After releasing his first book, A Merry Olde Dance, to critical acclaim in 2007, Micky headed back off into the long grass and back to a life away from the limelight. During that time, Micky has been on a personal quest to catch carp very dear to his heart, the magnificent Leney strain. With a realisation that these magnificent looking carp would not be with us forever, it was a case of now or never if he wanted to catch some of these scaly leviathans, and now he’s back to tell the tales of his latest quest.

The Leney strain, stocked largely in the 1950’s and 60’s do not reside in any old lake. Many of the lakes are off the beaten track, very exclusive, invitation-only type venues who’s stock and secrets are both protectively guarded and enshrined in mystery. The challenge of fishing these lakes does not start with trying to find the carp, it starts with trying to find the lakes and then trying to attain a ticket to fish them - this in itself is a huge challenge in many cases, but this is where Micky excels. In business, they’d call it 'networking', in carp fishing they’d call it ‘being a bloody nice bloke’, but whatever you call it, Micky has it in spades and it helps open doors that remain firmly shut to many of us mere mortals.

Like a Grand Chess Master, Micky has all his moves planned out way in advance, all lined up in sequential order, ‘all’ he has to do is catch the fish he craves from each lake, before making his next, carefully planned move. As calculated as that might sound, a quest like a Leney quest cannot happen by luck and fortune alone, and this is Micky’s story of the last ten years of his angling life, this is Micky’s answer to the question: How’s Your Luck?

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