Football for the Brave

Author: John Cartwright
Format: Softback

ISBN: 9780955591785
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Fed up with the state of our game especially after the recent U-21 results?

Read this blueprint of how our game should be played.


"Football isn't simply a team game, it's about individuals combining when necessary"

Foreword by Roy Hodgson;" John Cartwright has produced a thoughtful book which throughly differs from most books of this 'genre'. After a lifetime in football spent championing the need for more skillful players and better coaching to develop these individuals, John Cartwright has given us a book which pulls no punches. The book will not only provoke a lot of thought, and maybe even debate, but be one that can inspire coaches to follow his example and to dedicate the time and effort it takes to produce highly-skilled footballers who are capable of adapting to the needs of the modern game."