Chronicles of an Eel Angler

Author: Steve Ricketts
Format: Hardback

ISBN: 9780993170447
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Steve Ricketts would be the first to admit that eel anglers are a breed apart, but to become obsessed by the possible capture of a 9lb eel, is no different to sitting for days/months at a time by the side of a lake trying to entice a 50lb carp into your net, or going for a giant marlin out on the ocean. It’s still a passion for catching the unknown and seemingly unattainable.

Chronicles of an Eel Angler is an outstanding collection of stories involving adventure, triumph, despair, humour, and serious information. Steve relates accounts of his quest for the ultimate eel, and interweaves chapters of ‘how-to’ - and the occasional ‘how-not-to’ - into his tales of the deep. The description of his determination to eel-fish various waters, sometimes against the odds, helps the reader to imagine that they are there alongside him, and actually taking part in his acts of derring-do.

A thoroughly good read, this book is highly recommended if you like a bit of escapism, a good laugh, and would like to know more about eel-fishing - and the mindset of eel anglers.