Big Roach 2

Author: Mark Wintle
Format: Hardback

ISBN: 9780993059001
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After the publication of Big Roach, it was clear that there were many more tales to uncover, more techniques to explain, and more waters and anglers with a story to tell.

This book has a second look at fishing for big roach; different waters, techniques, baits and anglers. It looks at the philosophical side of why we fish for them and how the top match anglers' approach intermeshes with that of the dedicated specialist and what each can learn from the other. As ever, it concentrates on advanced techniques, particularly active ones rather than the ubiquitous 'bait and wait' methods so common in angling today. It uncovers the secrets of how to catch a river two-pounder and looks at who the finest big roach anglers ever might be.

This book includes stories from Kevin Ashurst, Vic Beyer, Geoffrey Bucknall, Fred Buller, Pete Burrell, Colin Dyson, Colin Graham, Bryan Hewitt, Dave Howes, Luke Jennings, Mick Lomas, Ivan Marks, Graham Marsden, Dave Moody, Dan Sales, Martin Salter, Pete Shadick, Dave Steuart, Wayne Thomas, Mike Townsend and Jonathan Webb, plus many more from the author. Waters covered include the Cork Blackwater, Dorset Stour, Ebro, Hampshire Avon, Kennet, Lochnaw Castle Loch, Taw, Tay, Test, Thames, Trent and Tweed.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy another celebration of fishing for big roach. 

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