Prince of Pleasure

Author: Saul David
Format: Hardback

ISBN: 9780316646161
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This is the first full-scale biography of George IV in twenty-five years. David's biography places George IV firmly into the context of his time; it includes details on Britain's political system, diplomacy, industry, agriculture, etc.

George IV was both a womaniser and a patron of the arts; his scandalous liaisons-from prostitutes to his dissolved marriage to Mrs Maria Fitzherbert - were the talk of the nation. The scandal culminated with his ongoing feud with his wife, Queen Caroline whom he deserted after just three nights and whom he attempted to try for adultery in the high court. The flip side to George's dissolute nature is that he was one of the most cultured monarchs ever to sit on the British throne. He did much to encourage the Royal Academy, donating works of art etc.

David's biography analyses this apparent disparancy by dissecting George's unhappy relationship with his parents and states that his dissolute lifestyle was undoubtedly a reaction to their ascetic example, as well as making some very telling comparisons to a man in a current equivalent position - Prince Charles.

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