Royal: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Author: Robert Lacy
Format: Hardback

ISBN: 9780316859400
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'Royal' is a celebration and analysis of Britain's monarchy - an explanation of why most people feel good about The Queen and why it is OK to feel that way - tracing the evolution of monarchy's alliance with popular culture which is both its strength and weakness today. One of the very first gestures Elizabeth learnt as a baby was to wave to the crowds. Destiny thrust the crown upon her and she has worked to do her duty with unfailing seriousness and simplicity. A biography of someone who is both a human being and an institution, the book examines the relationship between Elizabeth and Prince Philip, assessing the rumours that he has been unfaithful, a relationship at the heart of the story and one which had a crucial impact on the disastrous marriages of the royal children.

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